"The movement that you have going on right now is so important. A lot of times we have to conform to society's norms...this is a good platform to share the knowledge."

- Makese P., Ep. #02: Trauma & Connectedness



This space was created as a way to gain and share the perspectives of Black folx within the margins of both white society and Black culture. Those outcasted, overlooked, and rarely protected when we speak of revolutions.

As the creator and curator of these safe spaces, and a holder of many intersectional identities, I realized that the collective We of the Diaspora had to know itself if We ever plan to get free. We have to look to the in-between places, the parts of our culture we don't make enough room for, to know ourselves fully. We have to expand the Black narrative, stretch it, and understand that if even one of our brothers and sisters ain't free - none of us will be.

Jakia Propst, Founder/ CEO