Jakia S. Propst


Out the Margins (also known as BLACK N WHITE SPACES) was created as a way to gain the perspectives of Black folx within the margins of white society and Black culture. Those outcasted and overlooked when we speak of revolutions.


I know that the Diaspora has to know itself if we ever plan to get free. We have to look in those in-between places, the parts of our culture that we don't make enough room for. We have to expand the Black narrative, stretch it, and understand that if even one of our brothers and sisters ain't free - none of us will be.


After moving to Nashville, I found myself as the sole non-white person of color in a corporate space. Actively advocating for space as a Black woman in a predominantly white city led me to, first, express myself through spoken word the injustices of gentrification that continue to take place within Music City.  From this came research which eventually led to the development of a platform made for Black people from all walks of life to speak their truths on subject matter ranging from trauma and gender identity to gentrification and entrepreneurship.


This platform is not for one, but for each person of the African Diaspora. This platform was built for pouring back into the community. That is why, for every purchase made on our site, 15% is donated to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Black Lives Matter, two nonprofit organizations aiding in the lives of our Black future and present.


I hope to create continued conversations around unspoken and unheard topics in the Black community, and aid in expanding the Black narrative to educate, elevate, liberate, and celebrate us. Join us as we dive into the in-betweens.